Client Testimonials

I have been a student in Sylvia's yoga classes for several years.  I appreciate her knowledge of yoga and the poses, the challenges and encouragement she offers in each class, and her ability to readily give alternatives to the poses.  I look forward to class each week and credit yoga for keeping me moving.

Lynn M.

As a sixty-something grandmother, I am more flexible than in my youth; my posture is better; and I continue to increase my strength. (My goal is to do a head balance in the middle of the room!)  I am an advocate of yoga and encourage everyone of any age to give it a try.


All of my life I have had a bad back.  At the age of 12, I wore a back brace and later in years about every 3 months (for some unknown reason) my back would go click and I was in severe pain for two weeks.  In the morning, I had to roll out of bed and crawl around on all fours for a few minutes until I could stand up.  Then I looked like a sinking ship, leaning to the right or left.  Nothing helped, chiropractors, acupuncture – nothing.  Three years ago, I was introduced to Yoga by Sylvia.  I have not had back issues since that first session.  Yoga to me is something I will never give up.  At 60 plus, it has improved my quality of life significantly! 

John Roth

"I see so many benefits one can gain from yoga and I can't imagine not having it in my life. Sylvia is such a dedicated teacher with reasonable high expectations and she will do her utmost to help you reach them."

Barbara Pickard