About the Yoga

Yoga PoseWe teach a method of yoga that utilizes props to assist with the proper alignment and form of the asana (posture or pose). The student is guided through the asana with detailed instruction. A typical class includes standing poses, seated poses, twists, back extensions, inversions, and relaxation. The emphasis in the classes varies so that the student experiences an awareness of the whole body. The last week of each month the emphasis is generally on restorative.


Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yui meaning to bind, join attach to direct and concentrate one’s attention to use and apply. To join the power of mind, body and soul.

ASANA (pose’s posture)

Asana is an ancient practice of movement for the whole body forming poses to develop strength, flexibility, balance and stamina at the same time developing sensitive to the movement of the body, awareness, courage, and compassion.

First one must learn the shapes of the poses, learning their geometrical configuration, alignment and the direction of the stretches that are required to prevent injury, understanding the foundation of all postures to bring positive effects through body to the mind.

Classes are structured for everybody under the direction of trained yoga instructors in a professional and fully equipped studio.

Home Practice

Joining a yoga class is just the beginning of the yoga journey. You attend class to receive instructions, direction on how to form the pose and detail of each Asana, gain sensitivity of the body, maintain the information. A home practice would benefit and soon discover the knowledge of each asana to progress in class

Progress will be made only through frequent practice to maintain the quality of the effects of each asana, more flexibility, stamina, reduce stress and develop strength.

Ask your instructor for a list of asana’s to practice at your level.

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