The Studio Rules

Class Policies

Come to class with an open mind and willing heart.

Be On Time- We do understand busy and tight schedules so do your best to be on time.

Wear clothes that allow freedom of movement but are not baggy. It is best if the teacher can see your knees to assure alignment. Both studios have changing rooms.

Do not eat prior to class. Allow at least one hour after a light meal and 2-3 after a big meal before practicing yoga.

Be courteous and turn off your cell phone.

Avoid perfumes for the same reason- To Be Courteous

Upon entering the studios you will need to remove your shoes. There is space within the studios to store personal items.

Both studios are fully equipped but many students prefer to bring their own mats.

There is no need to bring bottles of water. We have water coolers at the entrance.


Fees are due at the beginning of each month. We do not refund fees if a class is missed or cancelled. The student can make the class up some time during the month.

Fees do not carry over to the next month.

Class Cancellation

We will do our best to inform people in advance of changes in the schedule or for cancellations.


Our students may shop in the Boutique prior to or after class.